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Welcome to Rosebud Lutheran and Lord's Warriors Lutheran Churches.  We are here to help you know and live life in our Lord Jesus Christ.  If we can help you with your spiritual needs, please contact us, or come and join us in worship.  If you live elsewhere and are interested in sharing Christ with people living on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, check out the mission opportunities tab.  Thank you for checking out or site, and we hope to see you in person sometime soon. 

In Christ, Rev. Andrew Utecht

Our Mission


We are here to help people know and live life in Jesus Christ.  While primarily centered around the sharing of God's Word and Sacraments, it also involves demonstrating and teaching what it is to live life with our Lord Jesus every day.  Jesus not only preached and taught, but also cared for people.  Our mission is the same, to let people know that Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners, of whom each of us is the chief, (1 Timothy).  We also see as our mission to help people from other places learn to share Jesus and live life across racial and cultural boundaries. 

Christ Centered Economic Development


In order to help people use the talents God has given them to serve others and care for their families, we have also worked to start a business, and encourage other businesses.  View the information on our star quilt sewing factory, Harvest Winds.  There is also a book being written, called "Paddle Your Own Canoe" to help people get out of the cycle of poverty.  Currently the book is chapters used to help teach people at the sewing factory.  If you have ideas, please contact us. 



Rosebud Lutheran Church 


Sundays 10:00 am

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Parmelee Lord's Warriors Lutheran Church

Sundays 7:00 pm

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Hear us on KINI 96.1 FM each morning at 7:30 or Sunday mornings at 7:00.

Latest News

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​Contact Pastor

Rev. Andrew Utecht

PO Box 558

Rosebud, SD 57570


Support/Mission Opportunities

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